Dental Hygiene Express Calgary

Mobile dental hygiene is a new and convenient way to receive complete dental hygiene services. We perform all these services in our custom Mercedes mobile dental hygiene clinic, and we are happy to bring our clinic right to you. Want to learn more?

Wherever you are, we will be there:

Home Visits

If time or mobility is an issue, we can help. Our mobile clinic can pull right up into your driveway, making dental care only a few steps away from your door. We aim to provide convenient and comprehensive dental hygiene services tailored to your needs.


Working all day or night? Don’t want to take too much time off work to get to your appointment? Dental Hygiene Express can come right to your workplace, before or after work, or even during your break.

Camp Visits

The camps surrounding Fort McMurray, Alberta are underserved in the area of basic dental care. Dental Hygiene Express wants to fulfill that need by bringing mobile dental hygiene services right to you. Are you spending time at camp bored and then spending your valuable days off in waiting rooms or getting to and from appointments? Then book with us today!

Senior Care

If access to care is preventing you from maintaining your oral health, then Dental Hygiene Express is the perfect option for your next booking. You won’t even have to worry about scheduling transportation anymore! We will come directly to you at your home or your senior care facility.

Open 7 Days A Week - Morning to Late!

Since we are 100% mobile, we can service patients located up to 1 hour outside of Calgary with no extra travel fee!

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How It Works

Step 1: Request an appointment

Take the first step towards a healthier smile by requesting an appointment with Dental Hygiene Express. You can easily request an appointment online or by phone.

Request an appointment

  • Schedule appointments online, by text, or by phone
  • Open 7 Days A Week, Morning to Late
  • Perfect for busy families

Step 2: Confirm your information

Before your appointment, Dental Hygiene Express will confirm your information to ensure they have all the details we need to provide you with the best possible care.

Confirm your information

  • Courtesy Insurance Eligibility Check
  • Direct Billing Available
  • Rates Follow the ADA Low Fee Guide

Step 3: We show up at your location

On the day of your appointment, our fully-equipped mobile dental hygiene unit will arrive at your desired location - whether it's at work or at home.

We show up at your location

  • No more waiting room times
  • Range of services available, including cleanings, exams, and preventative treatments
  • Flexible location arrangements available

Full Service, Affordable Dental Hygiene Care Near You In Calgary

Before Dental Hygiene Express: Making a trip to the dental office is a coordinated effort. You take time out of your day, waste time in the waiting room, and feel like a lot of the day is lost.

After Dental Hygiene Express: You feel like scheduling your dental appointments are the easiest thing in the world. Our van shows up outside your door, you see our Hygiene Team without delay, and you're back to your day without missing a beat.

  • Saves time (no travelling required)

  • Friendly, professional staff

  • We follow the lowest ADA Fee Guide

  • We’re open 7 days a week - morning till late

  • Direct billing + courtesy eligibility checks

  • No Extra Travel Fees

  • No Referral Needed

Our Mobile Hygiene Services Include


Dental Hygiene Exams


Dental Cleanings


Digital X-Rays


Fluoride Treatments


Professional Teeth Whitening


Denture Cleaning

....and More